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No fish / more fish? The gates of truth in Strasbourg


    I’m in Strasbourg for our campaign to reform the Common Fisheries Policies. Today is a big day for the future of our oceans and seas – MEPs will vote (for the first time) on the proposed reform of the management system of our fisheries.

    Our fish stocks are in a dire state. Half of the fish caught in our seas are thrown back dead. Even though I’ve heard this fact many times, I still find it shocking.

    This campaign has been keeping me very busy, so I’ve only really seen the European parliament. We’ve made an eye-catching addition to the scenery, with our More Fish / No Fish gates and the Fish Fight boat giving a great reminder of high level of public support for this set of reforms.

    To make sure everything was ready for the MEPs, our day needed to start really early. Preparing the inflatable gates at 6.30 on a cold and windy morning was very tricky – and it didn’t get any easier as the day went on. Especially when there were short, freezing snow storms!

    But the sun did come out – as you can see in the photos. And it was great when a whole group of MEPs came out with their great Paint-a-fish tshirts.

    Today we are back again on the morning of the big day to remind MEPs to vote for reform. And, after all this fun, to wait for the result of the vote… stay tuned!

    Outside the European parliament. © Frank Paul / WWF-Canon No fish / More fish gates. © Frank Paul / WWF-Canon MEPs with their paint-a-fish tshirts. © Frank Paul / WWF-Canon The More Fish gates outside the European parliament. © Frank Paul / WWF-Canon EU flags at the European parliament © Frank Paul / WWF-Canon

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