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Nothing fishy about this success! 150,000 voices for change


Here we are – well Roberto from our European Office – handing in our 150,000 signature petition demanding better fish laws in Europe to Ulrike Rodust, a key figure in the European Parliament on fisheries.

What doesn’t show up clearly is the picture is made up of thousands of faces to make the point that these are not just signatures – these are real people.

Roberto Ferrigno, from WWF, hands over petition to MEP Ulrike Rodust.Roberto Ferrigno hands over the petition to MEP Ulrike Rodust. © WWF / E. Scagnetti

It’s a handy reminder to EU politicians that the public wants an end to the 30 years of fisheries mismanagement that has led to three-quarters of Europe’s assessed fish stocks being overfished. And the current fisheries review is the opportunity to put them on the right track again.

On top of the petition during the last month an amazing 30,000 of you have supported our campaign by writing directly to the EU Fisheries Committee calling for more fish and healthy seas. This action has had an impact and even the European Fisheries Commissioner Damanaki noted it.

The campaign is hotting up now with the Fisheries Committee voting on their recommendations for reform on 18 December. Now is the time to influence politicians deciding the future of Europe’s fisheries.

A big ‘thank you’ to all of you who signed our petition in the UK, your signatures were added to the tens of thousands collected by WWF elsewhere in Europe to make this great petition.

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