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Postcards from Paris: A diary from the UN climate talks (Day 10)


I’m in Paris for the UN climate talks, which run from 30 November to 11 December 2015. I’ll be regularly tweeting and blogging. If you find this blog interesting please feel to share it.


DAY 10 (Wednesday 9 December 2015)

“We are unstoppable. Another world is possible.”

This was the chant that rang out through the corridors of the UN climate talks as hundreds of members of civil society staged a peaceful but vocal sit-down protest.

Between each round of chanting we heard speakers set out powerful and often-emotional reasons why the world needs the negotiators, ministers, and political leaders here in Paris to lift their ambition.

Sit down protest at COP21 (Lang Banks/WWF)Sit down protest at COP21 (Lang Banks/WWF)

True, the negotiators have been making some headway. The latest version of the agreement and decision texts were much cleaner, with the options on areas of disagreement more clearly defined and also reduced in number.

But, the case still remains that all the options are still there to deliver either a weak or a strong outcome. All the really big crunch issues (e.g. finance, loss and damage and pre-2020 ambition) are all still in play.

Speakers address sit down protest at COP21 (Lang Banks/WWF)Speakers address sit down protest at COP21 (Lang Banks/WWF)

Ministers now have less than 48 hours to make a choice between having a strong or weak outcome.

The next text (due out on Thursday) will probably be pretty close to the final version.

That’s when we’ll really get a sense of where these talks are heading before it is due to close on Friday.

And, while it all still remains up for grabs, I’ll never stop believing that our movement is unstoppable, and that another world is truly possible.


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