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Postcards from Paris: A diary from the UN climate talks (Days 5&6)


I’m in Paris for the UN climate talks, which run from 30 November to 11 December 2015. I’ll be regularly tweeting and blogging. If you find this blog interesting please feel to share it.


DAYS 5&6 (Friday 4 December & Saturday 5 December 2015)

We made it to the end of week one and the negotiators did too.

Things might have moved slowly, but negotiators successfully adopted a draft climate agreement and have now passed it on to environment and foreign ministers who will work on it next week.

The French COP Presidency now has the responsibility to take us to the finish line.

Climate campaigners welcome delegates to COP21 (WWF-France)Climate campaigners welcome delegates to COP21 (WWF-France)

The draft text, while more clear in terms of options, still reflects most of the divergences amongst countries. This will require immense skill on the part of the French Presidency and absolute cooperation between governments to mediate these differences.

Crucial crunch issues at the talks remain differentiation, finance, and loss & damage. Also, negotiators still haven’t agreed on an approach to review and revise their national climate actions.

So, it’s going to be quite a sprint for ministers to secure a strong deal by the end of next week.

I’m just hoping that in the rush to the end, Ministers do not trade ambition for expediency, and remain true to the science.

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