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Standing up for the Amazon


It’s a shocking fact that 20% of the Amazon has already been lost. Deforestation remains a major concern and threatens the future of the Amazon. Even though it is the largest rainforest in the world, 60% of it is unprotected, leaving it vulnerable. It’s estimated that by 2030, a quarter of the Amazon could be lost. Ahead of World Amazon Day this Saturday, we take a quick look back at how comedian Alistair McGowan supported our campaign…

Comedian Alistair McGowan © SkyComedian Alistair McGowan © Sky

This time last year, stand-up comedian and impressionist Alistair McGowan graced our televisions across the country on Sky channels as he stood up for the Amazon and supported the Sky Rainforest Rescue campaign. Alistair took time out of his busy schedule to tell the nation why supporting the Amazon is important and about the individual choices he made, day-to-day, to reduce his own impact on the environment.

For years he has provided us with comedy gold by impersonating sports and entertainment personalities from his BAFTA award-winning series ‘The Big Impression’ to his hugely successful, 50-date stand-up tour ‘Not Just a Pretty Voice’. A master of changing his voice, one thing that hasn’t changed is his commitment to being green.

In an interview with us he spoke about his attitude to living a greener life:

“I look at every aspect of my life and think ‘can I do this more efficiently? The answer is yes! We can all look to improve our lives in some small way. You don’t have to make big changes. It can be the little things that can make a difference.”

Stay tuned at home to see Alistair in action in Sky’s brand new promo. Alistair was also on hand to answer some questions behind the scenes of shooting this promo. You can learn more about what inspired him to support the campaign and why he is passionate about the environment.

As well as Alistair spreading the word, WWF worked with Sky as part of Sky Rainforest Rescue to launch the campaign called ‘Blink And It’s Gone’ which aimed to open people’s eyes in the UK to the issues of deforestation in the Amazon. The average human blinks every four seconds. It may not seem like long but a lot can happen in the Amazon in just a blink of an eye – 80 trees are lost every four seconds. That’s 1,200 trees every minute! Scientists agree that the Amazon rainforest plays a part in global weather systems and the carbon cycle, so it’s not just about saving trees.

Sky Rainforest Rescue called upon the public to watch the short, eye-opening video about the issues of deforestation… without blinking! See how long you can last. In the video you will also find out how small changes you can make day-to-day can help to keep the trees standing.

One small change really can make a difference.

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