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The Panda Made Me… protect pandas!


We are thankful to have so many dedicated and passionate supporters that help us carry out our mission. George Grammer-Taylor and a group of his friends really encapsulated the amazing spirit of our supporters when they decided to do something to help WWF protect the habitat of the panda.

Panda ProtectRaising well over their target, Panda Protect get the thumbs up!

Under the name of Panda Protect they set themselves the target of £100 and launched their fundraising campaign. They started by battling through the rain and mud with an 8 mile sponsored walk. Not content that they had done enough, Panda Protect then spent the next few weeks and months carrying out various fundraising events.

From ‘Home a Toy Panda’ to ‘Panda Paw Biscuits Bake n Sell’, they’ve even made a video of their campaign!

Thanks to their fantastic effort they raised a brilliant £125 – £25 over target. Thank you Panda Protect!

The help and support of people like George and his friends is an inspiration to us all. I can’t express how grateful we are.

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