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The Panda Made Me… walk from coast to coast


After witnessing the destruction of jungle first-hand in Cambodia, ambitious supporter Stuart Smith took it upon himself to help our work against illegal and unsustainable logging – by completing a coast to coast trek across the North of England!

Coast to coast walker Stu SmithStu Smith survived heavy rain, soaking kit, blisters - and then the bottom of his rucksack falling out - all to raise money for WWF. © Stu Smith

Not only would this take him 9 days, Stuart decided to complete the trek with as few comforts as possible – by only taking food, water, an army sleeping bag, and a waterproof cover to sleep under. No tent!

Armed with only a map and a compass, the weather also turned on him and for 4 days running, Stuart found himself constantly soaked to the bone; plus what little kit he had also suffered the rain.

However, even after becoming temporarily lost somewhere in the Lake District, Stuart was still cheerful and was “enjoying the sights of beautiful scenery and animals everywhere”. At least his spirits weren’t damp!

After 9 days of heavy rain, soaking kit, blisters, and – amongst other things – the bottom of his rucksack falling out along with everything inside it, Stuart reached Robin Hood’s bay near Whitby. His inspirational effort and amazing journey managed to raise £522.50 for WWF – absolutely fantastic!

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