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Virunga news: UK government still opposed to oil exploration in national park


Read all about it!” the UK government is still against oil exploration in Virunga World Heritage Site… Not exactly new news, but it seems it is to the oil company SOCO International PLC (Soco).

Sunrise over the Virunga mountainsSunrise over the Virunga mountains © naturepl.com / Christophe Courteau / WWF-Canon

Given that the UK government stated its opposition in September 2012, it was a surprise to read Soco arguing the UK government had a ‘neutral’ stance towards oil development in Virunga.

So to do my bit to help ensure there are no further misinterpretations I want to draw people’s attention to the opposition of other governments and parliaments to oil development in Virunga.

The European parliament, German parliament, and Belgium government have all passed resolutions against oil development in this region for various reasons, ranging from environmental concerns to oil development in an area of civil unrest.

If you agree with them, you can Draw the Line to protect one of the special natural areas on Earth.

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