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Wear It Wild in denim


If you are a denim lover like me and you would love to take part in WWF’s Wear It Wild campaign but don’t want to sacrifice your jeans, why not wear some animal inspired jeans instead?

I myself have zebra and leopard printed jeans, which will be perfect for wearing it wild on 5 of June, but there are so many options! You can even go for a tiger, a snake or a flamingo inspired denim look. Check them out below!

One of the best ways to save money and avoid buying new is to hit the charity shops for something with a wild edge. You could check out local vintage fairs, street markets or have a dig around in the back of your wardrobe. Ideally think about the most sustainable way to wear it wild. That way you could be in with a chance of winning a prize in our Wear it Wild Eco-fashion Awards too! Remember to share what you wear using the #WearItWild


Leopard print jeans ideas © PolyvoreLeopard print jeans ideas © Polyvore

These jeans are the ultimate classic when it comes to animal printed denim. So many denim brands have released their own take on leopard printed jeans, so you can get them at numerous price points and they are super easy to find.


Zebra-print jeans ideas © PolyvoreZebra-print jeans ideas © Polyvore

If you prefer the black and white option, why not try zebra printed jeans? The stripes will add a sense of fun to your look but the black and white will help keep it sophisticated. The zebra print is a great way to Wear It Wild.


Flamingo-print jeans ideas © PolyvoreFlamingo-print jeans ideas © Polyvore

As flamingos are almost entirely pink, why not go all out and wear a bright pink pair of jeans and match them with a pink top too? That will definitely channel your inner flamingo and make you stand out from the crowd. The good news is that as it’s now Summer, pink denim is easy to find.


Snake-print jeans ideas © PolyvoreSnake-print jeans ideas © Polyvore

I’m guessing not many people will turn up to their Wear It Wild parties dressed as a snake, so why not be different? The serpent print has been popular on jeans for a few years now and it’s a really friendly way of sharing your love for snakes.


Tiger-print jeans ideas © PolyvoreTiger-print jeans ideas © Polyvore

Finally, the tiger. Who doesn’t love tigers! Being one of the most endangered big cats, definitely show your support for them and opt for some tiger printed jeans. You can go all out with an orange pair or you can choose the more subtle versions, but one thing is certain, you will stand out proud when rocking up to your party as a tiger. Roar!

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Wear It Wild snow leopard © Francoise Savigny / WWFWear It Wild snow leopard © Francoise Savigny / WWF

Wear It Wild in denim on 5 of June 2015 and encourage your friends to do the same! It’s such a fun and easy way to incorporate animal looks into your wardrobe without being too over the top. Plus, these jeans can be worn time and time again without an occasion.

For more inspiration on what to wear, visit Lorna’s jeans blog

What jeans are you wearing for Wear It Wild this Friday? Leave us your comments.

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