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What do William Shakespeare, Deborah Meaden and the PM have to do with Valentine’s Day?


A month has passed since we ran our Show the Love campaign on the week leading up to Valentine’s Day. What we set out to do was to give people an opportunity to show the love to what they might lose to climate change. One thing I can say for certain is that it was a different Valentine’s Day than the usual one. It is fair to say that it was less red, less rosey, but quite moving:

It started with a special rendition of Shakespeare’s Sonnet read by famous faces like Meera Syal, Jarvis Cocker, Deborah Meaden and Stephen Fry. This film was watched by around 750,000 people and still growing.

Also, we asked you to send an alternative Valentine to show the love for all the things we want to protect from climate change. From sunsets to walks in the woods, birds to panda bears, future generations to life itself… many sent beautiful, heartfelt messages to their loved ones:

Though all this might seem to be a bit of a fleeting moment (like Valentine’s Day tends to be), we had some concrete political impact. The leaders of the main three parties in Parliament heard our calls for climate action. In an exceptional development David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband agreed to work together across party lines to tackle climate change.

We need your help

This is a great political achievement and it is all due to your support. Yet we must keep the pressure up especially after the May election. We are expecting to have many new MPs in Parliament, some who might know how important action on climate change is for their constituents. We need to tell MPs that we want them to act on climate change to protect what we love.

Join thousands of people on 17 June in Westminster to celebrate all that we love and to l tell newly-elected MPs that their constituents want them to take a strong action on climate change. Sign up now to Speak Up For The Love Of

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