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What is the Wales we want? Join the National Conversation.


We want Wales to be a truly sustainable country – a ‘One Planet nation’ that uses its fair share of the earth’s resources so that we help tackle big problems facing people and nature such as climate change and the threats to our forests and oceans.

So in the run-up to WWF’s Earth Hour, we want you to show your support for a sustainable future by choosing a ‘Welsh Wish’.

WWF Cymru’s ‘Welsh Wish’ compliments the Welsh Government’s ‘National Conversation’ on The Wales We Want. In this guest post, Wales’ Commissioner for Sustainable Futures, Peter Davies, explains how you can get involved and have your say.

I am delighted to invite you to participate in the National Conversation on the “Wales We Want”. This is a conversation on behalf of future generations, an opportunity to look beyond the short term pressures of everyday life to the Wales we want for our children and grandchildren. It will help us to focus on the long term legacy we want to leave for future generations and we recognise that the future does not just happen, but that we create it through the decisions and actions we take today.

Welsh actor Michael Sheen launched the National Conversation in Cardiff – he’s also supporting WWF’s Earth Hour.

We are all increasingly focused on the short term pressures of the day to day, while  a culture of short termism increasingly pervades political life as the 24/7 media and the nature of social media calls for immediate responses with Governments being driven by the “urgency of now”

This national conversation is an opportunity to set our long term development path for Wales.

It is directly linked to the Future Generations Bill which is being introduced by Welsh Government this summer to ensure that the public sector is focused on delivering the long term goals we want to achieve for the future of Wales.

At the launch of the national conversation on February 18th the Welsh Government set out in draft, their views on these long term goals:

  • Wales is prosperous and innovative
  • Wales is a more equal nation
  • Wales uses a fair share of natural resources
  • People in Wales are healthier
  • Communities across Wales are safer, cohesive and resilient
  • People in Wales participate in our shared culture, with a thriving Welsh language

We now need a conversation with  the people of Wales as these goals need to be shared by all of us.

We all have a role and a responsibility to  raise our horizons to address the  challenges and opportunities, both immediate and longer term that will shape the future for our children and grandchildren. 

The national conversation will shape our country’s long term goals which will be incorporated into the legislation through the Future Generations Bill – so it is not just another Government consultation but rather, it’s a conversation that will set the future direction

What is the Wales we want for Future Generations? Have your say in by joining the National Conversation.

We are not the only country doing this, the United Nations are setting new global sustainable development goals  and countries such as Finland have set out the goals for the “Finland we Want”.

The Conversation will lead to an interim report in June 2014 which will coincide with the Future Generations Bill being introduced into the National Assembly. In March 2015, the first Report on Behalf of Future Generations will be published, which will reflect the goals we want to achieve for future generations and set out  how best we can measure our progress in achieving these outcomes.

As a first step, complete the on line survey, register on the website or contact us at hello@waleswewant.com.

I hope you will be able to get involved and become “Future Champions”  – a voice on behalf of future generations.We want you to carry the conversation into your communities and workplaces –  in Rotary, Chambers of Commerce, WI, Merched y Wawr, your Community Council, book club or darts team ………  in all the many ways people meet across Wales to make sure we are all involved in building a future fit for our children and grandchildren.

To quote Michael Sheen who spoke at the launch event  this is “an opportunity for us as a nation to speak our truth, to describe our experiences, to be clear about what is important to us and to lay out our hopes for where we want to be heading, to tell our story”.

What is the Wales you want? How can Wales become a truly sustainable country? Let us know in the comments below.


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