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Searching for the UK’s green superheroes!


We think those who are doing their bit for the future of our planet should be celebrated, which is why we launched a competition to find green superheroes in the UK. From getting people involved in sustainability projects or inspiring people to do their bit, these superheroes are out there… we just need your help to find them!

Firefighter Simon Jakeman one of our previous winners. Copyright: Greg Armfield / WWF-UKFirefighter Simon Jakeman one of our previous winners. Copyright: Greg Armfield / WWF-UK

Firefighter Simon Jakeman from Surrey is one of our previous winners and made a big difference to his workplace: he created a rooftop garden with reclaimed planters and inspired the community to get involved, which all helped make Surbiton Fire Station London’s greenest fire station.

Our other two winners included Pete Davis, who set up his own initiative for people to eat less meat and become a ‘part-time carnivore’, and teacher Mechteld Blake-Kalff who, along with others, turned her Primary school in Pendock into a solar school.

We’re looking for all kinds of people who are doing something positive for the future of our planet – whether big or small. These are the people who are out there every day making a difference, so if you know someone you think this could apply to, or maybe you fancy yourself as a green superhero, then nominate your Hidden Hero.

A green hero. Copyright: Thinkstockphotos.comA green hero. Copyright: Thinkstockphotos.com

The competition is supported by players of People’s Postcode Lottery as well as WWF Ambassadors Alistair McGowan and Graeme Le Saux, and YouTuber Lex Croucher. Hidden Heroes is running as part of Earth Hour, the world’s largest celebration for our brilliant planet. This year, Earth Hour will take place on Saturday 28 March at 8.30pm – so don’t miss out!

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