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Picturing your life in 2030 – what do you see?


Ever wondered what your home will look like years from now? Ever thought about how your local area might change? Or what you would want to keep the same? This is your chance to show us what’s important to you.

We’re offering you the chance to win a signed David Attenborough book, a pair of Lily Cole Veja trainers, WWF goody bag and a chance for your photographs to be exhibited at a WWF gallery. All we want to see is a picture of the countryside, city, community or home that you want to see protected from climate change for future generations to enjoy.

River Itchen chalk stream in Hampshire, UKRiver Itchen flowing out of the south side of Winchester, Hampshire, UK.© Andrew Parkinson / WWF-UK

We’ve teamed up with people across Hampshire, West Sussex, Berkshire and Wiltshire to find out what they love and want to protect about their local area. We’ve met people across communities asking them about their visions of a climate resilient future.  We now want you to get involved. We want to know what inspires you in the area you live in – what you love about the place you call home. We want to know what you hope to protect so others can continue to enjoy the things you do too for generations to come.

Church spire stands tall. What’s your favourite view of the area that you call home?

We are asking people to gaze through four different lenses into 2030: their home, their community, their cities and their countryside. What do these things mean to you? Send us your favourite pictures in your local area – from the rolling hills of the countryside to your neighbours at the village fete, from the hustle and bustle of your nearest city to your own back garden. We want to see through your eyes why you live where you do.

Bluebells in a woodland near Ambleside, UKBluebells in a woodland near Ambleside, UK. Like many wild flowers they are starting to bloom earlier due to rising temperatures. © Global Warming Images / WWF

We’ll be exhibiting some of the best pictures alongside professional art work and photography at an exhibition in Parliament in September. We’ll also be showcasing your stunning images on our Instagram and Twitter channels following the winner announcement!

How to enter

Entries will be accepted on Instagram and Twitter, and for us to receive your images you will need to include #PictureEngland and @wwf_uk in your caption. Make sure to add a description – what does your photo represent and what vision do you have for in the future? We’ll be letting the winners know via social media on Monday 10th July. Take a look at the terms and conditions for more information.

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