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Time for Cameron to lead the EU ambition on climate change


Next week over 20 energy ministers from countries around the globe will be flying to a meeting in London (hopefully at least a few will be taking the train). They’ll be discussing the future of clean and green energy.

During this meeting David Cameron will take to the stage to make his first speech on the environment since becoming Prime Minister. This is a great opportunity to place the UK as a leader on renewable energy and climate. Mr Cameron’s speech is particularly timely given recent media coverage on energy, which has left us (and businesses) deeply confused with what the Government’s position actually is on tackling climate change and making our energy system cleaner and greener.

We in the UK are lucky enough to sit on a goldmine of renewable energy resources, both onshore and offshore, which exceed our needs. But to harness this potential we need our government to come up with policies that give certainty for the industry and create a level playing field for renewables.

It’s not just renewables we can lead the world on. We have done on climate change. The UK was the first country to have a climate change act, which requires the UK to reduce its emission by 80% by 2050. Mexico, following the UK, is just about to pass a climate law as well. Other countries are also following suit including Denmark which as well as a planned Climate Change Act has committed to a 100% renewables future.”

The EU has yet to show global leadership, and politics keeps getting in the way of more ambitious 2020 targets across the EU. It must become more ambitious and agree to raise its carbon reduction targets to 30% for 2020. Now is the time for David Cameron to show leadership and push his colleagues across Europe and to state his support of a higher target. And what better opportunity than his upcoming speech next week? So tell Cameron you want him to push the EU to be more ambitious on climate change. It’s time he stepped up.

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