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3 Welsh shops that send plastic packing


Plastic waste is one of the biggest threats to wildlife and our natural environment, not to mention the health concerns. We all have our part to play, as individuals and in our communities. WWF want a UK ban on avoidable single use plastics by 2025 and Welsh Government will need to play its part, delivering on its unique sustainability law. Below we’ve highlighted just a few of the many Welsh businesses joining the fight against plastic pollution, by offering customers ‘zero waste shopping.’

Natural Weigh

Chloe and Robin have a passion for our natural world and believe it should be easy for consumers to shop sustainably. Natural Weigh in Crickhowell, which they opened in March this year, offers customers a chance go plastic free while doing their regular shop. Natural Weigh sells organic, additive free food from hoppers straight to the customer’s own containers. Chloe and Robin have been overwhelmed with the positive response from the local community and are proud to enable people to live a more sustainable life.

Natural Weigh owners Robin and Chloe © Natural WeighNatural Weigh owners Robin and Chloe © Natural Weigh

During Earth Hour this year, Natural Weigh made a #PromiseForThePlanet to tackle plastic waste in their supply chain. So far they’re making good on their Promise by switching cleaning product supplier, allowing them to take back and refill the 15L containers. They’ve also switched suppliers for their food products, which allows them to return the plastic pallet wrap, meaning the wrap can be collected in bulk is much more cost effective to recycle.

Robin and Chloe look forward to a day when everyone has easy access to plastic free food and are happy to provide information to people thinking about setting up their own zero waste shop.


SUSSED (a Sustainable Wales project) is a community run shop in Porthcawl specialising in ethical and environmentally-friendly products. They have a dedicated team of volunteers who work in shifts, run events, a pop-up cafe and workshops.

SUSSED sells a number of innovative products that challenge the culture of disposables. One such item is an indoor/outdoor rug which looks and feels like wool but is crafted by weaving together strands of up to 3000 recycled plastic bottles! The rugs are stain resistant, sunlight fading resistant and can be cleaned with a hosepipe and dry in minutes. SUSSED operates by a mantra of reduce and reuse – a circular economy.

SUSSED rugs made from recycled plastic bottles © SUSSEDSUSSED rugs made from recycled plastic bottles © SUSSED

In addition to these quirky products, customers can refill their own containers with biodegradable washing up and laundry liquids.

SUSSED believe that by promoting the sale of biodegradable, recycled and organic goods, they can safeguard the environment without compromising on quality.


Born and bred in Cardiff, Sophie Rae moved away after university to live in London. Upon returning to her hometown she was shocked at the lack of stores which could support her new-found eco habits. So, she decided to open her own!

Ripple will be a zero waste store, offering plastic-free alternatives to mainstream packaging – dried groceries will be available to buy in bulk, and customers will be encouraged to bring their own containers. This method of shopping is cost effective as consumers won’t pay for pointless packaging and dramatically reduces their plastic footprint. Ripple will also stock a range of natural beauty products that have minimal or zero plastic packaging.

Sophie Rae from Ripple with recycled ocean plastic t-shirt © RippleSophie Rae from Ripple with recycled ocean plastic t-shirt © Ripple

Sophie’s aim is to ensure Cardiff can hold its own as a ‘green city’ and live up to the praise of being Wales’ capital. She also wants to remind consumers that buying power can have a huge impact – the ripple effect. If every person makes just one small change to the way they consume, that could create waves of change.

How you can help

We all have an important role to play in fighting back against plastic pollution – individuals, businesses and governments. If we don’t take urgent action, there could be more plastic in the sea than fish by 2050.

Join our fight against plastic pollution to be the first to hear what you can do to help and to receive tips on how to reduce plastic waste in your own life.

Together, we can turn the tide on plastic, but we need all the voices we can get.

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