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David Heath comes out fighting


New DEFRA minister David Heath has only been in the job for two weeks but has hit the ground running – talking publicly about his worries for environmental safeguards in the EU reforms for the Common Agriculture Policy and the importance of Marine Protected Areas. He also spoke several times at his pride of being first Liberal politician in the Environment / Agriculture Ministry since 1916!

WWF and FOE at the Liberal Democrat party conferenceWWF and Friends of the Earth at the 2012 Liberal Democrat party conference © Dominic Gogol / WWF-UK

This all fits into a wider green push at the Liberal Democrat conference which, after something of a hiatus since entering government, has risen in popularity with party heavyweights like Danny Alexander and Vince Cable extolling the necessity of a green recovery.

Mr Heath has even been overheard in the conference bars reminiscing about his younger days in the 90’s when he used to work for WWF! He was one of the early starters in the domestic push for marine conservation which culminated in the passing of the Marine Act by Parliament in 2009, and he claims to have set the early foundations of what would later become Green Alliance.

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