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Five for Friday: Paddington Bear, Spiderman, Turtles, how super!


Hello again blog readers. Since my first ‘Five for Friday’ there’s been a very large amount of activity here on the blog site, mainly around fighting to end wildlife crime, but also about T-shirts, running in the Antarctic…oh and Paddington bear.

I’m aware that my first post was a tad long, so I’m going to try and keep it a little shorter this time. Here are my Five for Friday, including five juicy nuggets coming up in March:

Is the tide finally turning on illegal wildlife trade?

Group photo of the London Conference on Illegal Wildlife Trade. Photo courtesy of Foreign and Commonwealth Office.Group photo of the London Conference on Illegal Wildlife Trade. Photo courtesy of Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

This was our most popular blog post in February, as all eyes and ears were fixed on a post by Heather Sohl about the London Conference and illegal wildlife trade. A huge thank you to you all for your support in fighting to #endwildlifecrime. 1,300 visits to pages were recorded on one day in February around the London Conference. The conference itself saw Governments commit to decisive and urgent action to tackle the global issue of wildlife poaching. Your support for the Thunderclap, your comments on blogs and on social media went along way, so thank you and keep up the good work.

What cotton is your T-shirt made of?

Matured cotton bolls await harvest. © Asim Hafeez/WWF-UKMatured cotton bolls await harvest. © Asim Hafeez/WWF-UK

Mizuki Murai from our Global programmes team talks about the Better Cotton Initiative in Pakistan, points you to brands that support the project, and asks ‘What cotton is your T-shirt made of?’

You think I’m tough? You should try a penguin

Charlotte Waller and her Dad holding her medalsCharlotte Waller and her Dad holding her medals

Marathon madness in minus 20 was mentioned in my last blog, and this incredible story of Charlotte Waller and her running hot and cold – literally – between two countries and two marathons will hopefully inspire you to sign up for this year’s Brighton Marathon. But hurry, places are running out!

The bear that inspired Paddington

Close up of a spectacled bearClose up of a spectacled bear

Karina Berg is in Colombia this week on the lookout for the illusive spectacled bear. You know, the one that inspired Paddington? Find out more about these creatures and what they eat… and no, it’s not marmalade sandwiches.

TRAFFIC stop by to talk illegal wildlife trade

Tom Milliken and Naomi Doak from TRAFFIC were in town a few weeks ago to talk to us about illegal wildlife trade. You can watch my interviews with both of them on their video blogs.

What’s coming up?

  • World Wildlife Day: Rhino’s – in support of this annual event, Andrew McVey talks about this magnificent beast and the challenges they face.
  • Heroes in a half shell – It’s nearly Easter, so what better way to whet your appetite than an egg-cellent (sorry) blog from Emma Steele about turtles.
  • Earth Hour – this month is a big month for us as the world comes together on 29 March for Earth Hour. We’ve already got the Amazing Spiderman on board, but see who else is supporting us and blogging for us in the lead up to this great event.
  • From a bus pass to a bicycle – Patrick Harvie MSP talks to us about Scotland’s proposals for tackling climate change.
  • 1 in 5 Challenge – our transport team leader Jean Leston talks about how businesses are swapping air travel for video conferencing.

Have a question? What would you like to read about on our blog? Do you think the blog is a good read? What works well and what doesn’t? Leave me a comment.

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