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TVE biomovies – vote now for your favourites


The films are in so it’s time for you to be the judge!

'Wash', TVE biomovies video competition entry 2012‘Wash’, TVE biomovies video competition entry 2012

It’s with great excitement that we can now announce that all 10 films entered into TVE’s biomovies competition have been completed and are ready for your viewing pleasure – and most importantly, voting!

If you’ve been following this blog (and if not why not?!) you’ll know by now that WWF-UK supports TVE’s biomovies competition and more specifically, we sponsor the ‘Freshwater in Focus’ category.

After an initial round of scripts were sent in from across the globe, the judges finally managed to whittle all 420 entries down to 10 scripts that we felt showed the most potential to have an impact – in a positive way of course!

As I mentioned in my last post, even when the scripts are good and promise so much you never really know what to expect when the films finally turn up – but for me that just adds to the anticipation.

Both films chosen for WWF-UK’s ‘Freshwater in Focus’ category – ‘Wash’ and ‘Frog Father’ – had the potential for fun (always a winner on YouTube!), with an underlying message about how water is such a vital resource for the world.

Have a look below at the two entries and see what you think – and don’t forget to vote. It’s simple: if you like a film, hit the Like button.

Frog Father


What did you think? Have a favourite? It’s hard not to like someone sitting in a bath having gunk thrown over them, but from a personal point of view, I’m still stuck on ‘The Frog Father’. I feel it stays as close as possible to the original script while still managing to convey the message that we can all do something to help biodiversity.

And of course, on an important note, it involves a mafiosi frog called Mr Toadini, freshwater squirrels (postcard to me please if you know what exactly a freshwater squirrel is, as I certainly don’t!), and of course the immortal line: “You’ll be sleeping with the frogspawn”!

But that’s just my opinion. You’re free to vote for as many of the TVE biomovies films as you like. So do make sure you watch all 10 films across the five different categories – they’re here on YouTube now – have a vote and, most of all, have fun!

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