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Autumn takes me back to my roots


Is it Autumn already?! Soon there will be stunning autumn displays as the trees begin to prepare for winter. It’s the season for change and I can already see the leaves beginning to turn. We’re becoming more accustomed to informed choice when it comes to where our food and clothing is produced and manufactured, but what about our wooden and paper products.

At WWF our #SaveForests Campaign has gained support from over 100,000 individuals and businesses who want to see a change in the way timber is sourced and imported into the EU. But more on that later, lets get back to our roots!

Forest for thought

You might think you’re not really into all this ‘connecting with nature’ lark.  But we’re all closer to nature than we think, and I don’t just mean physically. The Guardian recently showed how many of us really need a sense of the wild. Even if we live in cities, the urban forest is all important. Readers here shared their pictures and thoughts on their favourite trees. The Woodland Trust are also on a mission to find Britain’s best tree in their ‘Tree Of The Year’ contest. It’s got me thinking, and I know just the tree that takes me back to my roots even today.

The towering pine which stands outside my old secondary school

When I was a student it was the school’s logo, stamped on the front of our homework diaries and on letter heads. We gathered around it to meet before our first day and waited anxiously for the next big step up the education ladder. Then when we’d been exhausted of sports days (the pine was always there as if to umpire of course!) And when all our hot dinners had been served, maths projects finished and exams were in the bag, we gathered again to wait for the coach to pick us up for our leavers prom. The pine saw us giggling, crying, breaking up and making up! So when I think about it, that tree is actually quite special to me.

The old pine at Broadwater SchoolThe old pine at Broadwater School – ©www.broadwater.surrey.sch.uk.

Now my son attends the school, he is literally walking my path. He’s already had an encounter with the pine cones that fall from the shady evergreen (apparently the boys will not be playing target practice with pine cones again, or there will be trouble *rolls eyes in despair*!)

Each evening when I catch the train back from work and approach the final station, we pass the school and the pine is still there as the train chugs by – that’s when I know I’m nearly home.

Why not share your favourite tree memories with us. Post a picture and a quote and follow the discussion at #SaveForests. Or you can send in a photo of your favorite tree and why it’s important to us at supportercare@wwf.org.uk

Turn over a new leaf and help us #SaveForests

At WWF we’re focusing on forests through the #SaveForests Campaign It’s about making sure the wood and paper sold in the UK comes from healthy thriving forests. Timber from trees that are unsustainabley logged is entering the UK and ending up in our homes and offices, often without us knowing.  So next time you’re in store ask where the wood for your photo frame or garden furniture was sourced from..

Look out for the FSC logoLook out for the FSC logo

You can look to see if it’s FSC certified. The FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) logo lets you know that a product has been tracked through the supply chain from its original source and tells you it’s from a responsibly managed forest

Thank yew!

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