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Goodbye PISCES project… and hello Celtic Seas Partnership


Monty Halls, BBC 2’s Fisherman’s Apprentice, was so taken by WWF’s PISCES project that he decided to run a marathon and raise money for this important marine work. Read about his (painful!) training and see how he’s getting on.

A fisherman gutting fishPISCES involved stakeholders, from surfers to industry to fishermen. © Jiri Rezac / WWF-UK

The PISCES (Partnerships Involving Stakeholders in the Celtic Sea Ecosystem ) project is a pioneering collaboration doing what WWF does best – linking people together to come up with sustainable solutions to protect precious ecosystems.

The Celtic Sea in the north-east Atlantic Ocean has for a long time been used as an example of the problems faced in today’s busy oceans with marine industries jostling for space and resources, declining fish stocks and increasing degradation of marine habitats and species.

Monty first got involved with the project when he was asked to launch the PISCES guide – a set of practical guidelines on how those who rely on Celtic Sea can work together for the future of this treasured marine area.

The next step for the Celtic Seas Partnership is to seek Good Environmental Status and secure the long-term future of this important and beautiful marine region.



Visit the PISCES website for extra information about this project.

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