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Ramesh Thapa: My life as a ranger


My name is Ramesh Thapa and I am Assistant Chief Warden of Bardia National Park, Nepal. I’ve worked as a wildlife ranger since 1982,  and I am married with three children. Here’s a little bit about what I do and why.

Ranger Ramesh Thapa, NepalRanger Ramesh Thapa, Nepal © WWF UK

Life as a ranger

Since my childhood nature has always fascinated me and that is why I chose my career in conservation. After 31 years of being at the forefront of wildlife conservation, I feel that there is still so much to achieve. Conservation has become very challenging with growing human greed and need. But I take this challenge as an opportunity to carry out my passion to protect biodiversity.  I work to protect our iconic species including tigers and rhinos while at the same time ensuring that local communities that live close to protected areas do so in harmony with nature and wildlife. There is a lot of risk associated with my work – at times life-threatening – but I continue to help protect wildlife.

Zero Poaching

Indian rhinoceros, Chitwan National Park, NepalIndian rhinoceros, Chitwan National Park, Nepal © Michael Gunther / WWF-Canon

Zero poaching is the need of the hour and requires commitments from national to the grassroots levels to address poaching – the biggest threat to wildlife. With hundreds of endangered animals especially rhinos being killed in Africa and India, it is a matter of pride for us that we have been able to control poaching in Nepal and were able to celebrate a ‘zero poaching’ year for rhinos up to the end of February 2014. This is the second time Nepal has achieved this success with the first ‘zero poaching’ year in 2011.  All this was possible because of the support received from the Government of Nepal, enforcement agencies, conservation partners and the local communities. However, along with the success there are bigger challenges too which prompts us to continue our effort dauntlessly.

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