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Running a river through the heart of Westminster


During October we’ll be at the Palace of Westminster celebrating our amazing rivers and unique wildlife! We’ll also be sharing the important message that the environment should be at the heart of our politics.

What is happening at Westminster?

From 16 to 20 October, we’ll be taking over the Palace of Westminster with a stunning display of the UK countryside.

Called ‘A river runs through it’, our river will flow through the Upper Waiting Hall, a busy thoroughfare for Members of Parliament on their way to meetings in the Committee Room Corridor. The exhibit will support a week of engaging events that celebrate the UK’s unique ecosystems, asking politicians to support the restoration of our environment.

WestminsterWestminster © Shutterstock

Likewise, the display will also showcase a beautiful piece of artwork about rivers, created by families that have attended the WWF Living Planet Centre during the summer.

Children attending WWF creative workshop on protecting riversChildren attending WWF creative workshop on protecting rivers Artwork on our rivers created by WWF supportersArtwork on our rivers created by WWF supporters

Why are we doing this?

One of the most urgent environmental issues facing the UK is the declining health of our rivers. Four out of five rivers in England and Wales are failing. They are under pressure from many sources, including sewage, pollution and unsustainable abstraction.

Many of you have helped us demand urgent action from the UK government to address these issues facing our rivers.

A river runs through it will give us another opportunity to call on the government to ensure that the UK retains and strengthens standards of environmental protection as we leave the EU. We also want the government to develop a strong plan for environmental improvement that includes measures to restore rivers which are currently at risk from poor water management.

River Chess, Chesham. © Charles Rangeley-WilsonRiver Chess, Chesham. © Charles Rangeley-Wilson

What can you do?

You can help make sure our exhibition is on your local MPs radar – and sometimes MPs invite their constituents to attend, so you may be able to visit our exhibition too! You can do this by tweeting this blog to your local MP or emailing them.

Our event is kindly sponsored by Angela Smith MP.

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