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Amazon mission: Sarah Hutchison’s adventure to deliver sustainable rainforest rubber

A view of the River Jurupari from a boat © WWFA view of the River Jurupari from a boat © WWF

One of my WWF colleagues has just come back from an amazing trip to the Amazon rainforest, and her story’s well worth a read.

Sarah Hutchison is WWF-UK’s forest programme manager for Brazil and she’s just been in the state of Acre, where we’re supporting the development of a sustainable rainforest economy together with Sky.

She’s blogged on a recent riverboat adventure to transport sustainably-sourced rubber from deep in the Amazon jungle to a town where it will be transformed into shoe soles:

You may have read in our updates that rubber tappers in the Sky Rainforest Rescue project area are now selling rubber from the new processing units we’ve helped to build.
I was fortunate to be in the project area for the mission of getting the first batch of FDL rubber (as the product is known) from their remote up-river properties to the BR364 road. From there it could be transported to the factory that uses this rubber to produce shoe soles for the French company Veja.

Sounds like a simple mission? Think again…

Check it out on the Sky Rainforest Rescue blog.

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