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The dried up river bed of the Mimram

The Water Act: Will it improve the rivers of England and Wales?

The short answer is more than we expected! After significant campaigning by a motley crew of anglers, twitchers and local river groups, and with the support of committed Members of the House of Lords, a previously business and competition focused Bill has become an Act that at least addresses some of our concerns for the […]

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Chopped down Boreal forest near a tar sands mine, Alberta, Canada © GWI / WWF-Canon climate change

Ashley Cooper: 7 images depicting climate change

Photographer Ashley Cooper has spent more than a decade documenting the impacts of climate change. Here, he shares some of his most memorable images, and tells me his thoughts about the problems – and solutions. Tell us what you’ve learned about the planet on your travels I have photographed the impacts of climate change on […]

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