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David Nussbaum © Greg Armfield / WWF-UK Latest from Rio

Rio+20 – How (not) to run a planet?

I went to Rio in the spirit of both determination and hope. While all of us were aware of the difficult international politics, exacerbated by global financial crises and the increasing human demands on natural resources, Rio+20 was a moment of opportunity. As Jim Leape, director general of WWF, put it: “A conference about life: […]

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Forest code march at Rio+20 Photos

Rio+20 ‘People’s march’ – tanks for the energy

Images from Wednesday’s ‘People’s Summit’ march during the UN Rio+20 conference – more details below. More on the march and the view on the streets – with thanks to WWF’s Franko Petri… Rio has been a bit like a fortress under siege this week – more than 15,000 policemen are here, plus heavily armed soldiers, […]

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Rio+20 Watchwords © WWF-Canon / Franko Petri Latest from Rio

‘Common but different’ – the truth about words at Rio+20

Some of the language and terminology of UN processes like Rio+20 can be cumbersome, and sometimes belie the subtle, and as often not-so-subtle, realities of wider geopolitics. So in this slightly technical blog post I’ll be exploring, as an example, the differing interpretations of the delightful phrase “common but differentiated responsibilities”… “Common but differentiated responsibilities […]

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