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Coal on a conveyor belt in the Weisweiler power plant © Andrew Kerr / WWF-Canon

Climate change conference – second half in Warsaw

Holding the UN’s annual climate change talks inside a vast football stadium has been a gift to the headline writers.They were already licking their lips at the thought of yet another year of delay, procrastination and blocking by countries keen to avoid acting decisively to address the greatest environmental crisis of our age. “Goalless draw”, […]

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Our Money: Our Future

Is your pension destroying the planet and risking your long term savings? Investing in fossil fuels was considered a safe choice with minimal risk. But is this still the case? Climate change will affect the value of your pension. More floods, more severe weather, a warming world, and pressure on our food supply will affect […]

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The future of energy

Playing a part in a safe, secure and affordable energy system will give an energy company a social licence to operate. But what does such an energy system look like? Well, first let’s look at what it doesn’t look like. Many energy scenarios paint a bleak picture of climate change – with carbon emissions reaching […]

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Head of our energy team, Nick Molho, at the UK Energy Summit in London, May 2012

Earlier today I attended the Economist UK Energy Summit in London. This short video blog was filmed just after I shared a panel with Shell, National Grid, and Scottish Power. I argued for the need for an energy future that takes account of tackling climate change and the urgent need to switch from fossil fuels […]

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