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Green is working – is government listening?

This morning hundreds of people in green hard hats gathered in central London. Under the banner of Stop Climate Chaos, organisations as diverse as the Women’s Institute, faith groups, Oxfam, TearFund, renewable energy companies, trade unions and charities including WWF called on the government to do one thing: boost our economy and international leadership by […]

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Public transit in Calgary, Alberta, Canada © Michael Buckley / WWF-Canada

Green is working – how to build a green economy

There’s a big push this week to promote investment in the shift to a green economy, to get the UK on the road to economic recovery. Our new report, ‘Building green economies’, shows why this is essential and how it can be done. Recent analysis has shown the growing importance of low-carbon and environmental industries […]

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The swirling currents of Labour’s green vision

A few days into the Labour Party Conference in Manchester, I got to wondering where the environment, sustainability, and tackling climate change fit in for Labour. You get different answers depending who you ask. Over the last three days there have been passionate displays from Baroness Bryony Worthington and Mary Creagh MP declaring that the […]

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