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Open letter to the Scottish Cabinet Sub-Committee on Climate Change

Dear members of the Cabinet Sub-Committee on Climate Change, Having recently attended the UN climate talks in Lima, Peru, I wanted to write to you as you prepare for your first meeting of 2015. While the end result of the talks was disappointing, with a huge amount of unfinished business, there was also a clear […]

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Size of Wales

Forest communities celebrate as they switch on to solar energy

It was all smiles, cheers and celebration when Fatuma lit the first ever solar lantern in the village, lighting the whole one roomed house. The night had literally turned into daytime. This is the village of Fihoni, bordering the Gogoni forest. It’s one of the communities now benefitting from a shift to sustainable energy thanks […]

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Volcanic eruption in Indonesia

Geo-engineering – useful tool for tackling climate change, or dangerous distraction?

After several months of relative quiet there seems to be a flurry of activity in the UK climate conversation around ‘geo-engineering’. Most recently there was a piece in the Sunday Times that labels geo-engineering “a bad idea whose time has come”. For folks who haven’t been following this conversation, geo-engineering is an umbrella term for […]

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