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Giant panda in tree, Wolong Nature Reserve, China © Bernard De Wetter/WWF

15 highlights from 2015 for WWF

Look back over this past year and explore some standout stories from 2015. They really demonstrate how varied our global projects are! Whether it’s Arctic exploring with JacksGap, eco-fashion tips for ‘Wear It Wild’ or a GoPro strapped to a turtle in the Great Barrier Reef, you’re bound to discover something exciting as we look back at 2015. 1. Rod Downie […]

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Climate & energy feature image

Far from having ‘to cost the earth’ going green makes business sense

Today’s intervention by leading businesses, investors and trade associations shows that far from being a drag on the economy, stable climate policies makes business sense. In a statement out today, over 100 organisations comprising mainly of major businesses, investors and trade associations from various sectors of the UK economy called on the government to stick […]

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Wind turbines in the Nysted Wind Park, Denmark © National Geographic Stock / Sarah Leen / WWF

Conservatives and climate change

On Sunday night WWF, along with the international development charity Tearfund and the progressive Conservative action group Bright Blue, sponsored an event looking at how the Conservative Party, in its own unique way, ideologically tackles climate change. We had a varied panel including think-tanks, the former chair of the Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change, Sir […]

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