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Duncan Mizen - WWF Blog Manager

Five for Friday: Paddington Bear, Spiderman, Turtles, how super!

Hello again blog readers. Since my first ‘Five for Friday’ there’s been a very large amount of activity here on the blog site, mainly around fighting to end wildlife crime, but also about T-shirts, running in the Antarctic…oh and Paddington bear. I’m aware that my first post was a tad long, so I’m going to […]

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Close up of a spectacled bear

Spotted: The bear that inspired Paddington

The spectacled bear is extremely elusive and is considered ‘Vulnerable’ on the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) ‘Red List’. It is the only bear native to South America and was the inspiration for Michael Bond’s Paddington bear and a movie later this year featuring the voice of Colin Firth. Despite being the largest […]

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