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Christ the Redeemer and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil © WWF Brazil / Adriana Lorete / WWF-Canon

How much is the world worth?

In the run-up to Rio+20 there was a lot of talk about ‘natural capital’ – the economic value of the natural world in terms of money. But it doesn’t appear anywhere in the text of the document that’s coming out of the Rio conference. So what’s happened? The case for ‘natural capital’ is clear. While […]

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Rio+20 conference logo

More textual manoeuvres in the dark at Rio

The text! The text! Most of  the talk yesterday and today has been about the latest negotiating text, released by the Brazilian chairs at the weekend after much anticipation. To say it has been a disappointment would be something of an understatement. As soon as I arrived at the vast Rio Centro convention centre, the venue for this week’s Rio+20 […]

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Rio+20 - Indigenous people protesting with music against the destruction of the Amazon forest © WWF / Franko Petri Latest from Rio

Noise and colour as thousands come to demand global change at Rio

The park in Flamingo Bay, in the shadow of Rio’s Sugarloaf mountain, has been taken over by the alternative to the suited-and-booted global event across town. It’s the Rio+20 People’s Summit and I’ve managed to escape the conference halls and see what it’s all about – and get a bit of sun at the same […]

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Burning oil-gas by the SAKHALINNEFTEGAZ state company © Vladimir Filonov / WWF-Canon

Why we hate fossil fuel subsidies and how you can help end them

If there’s one thing that makes me genuinely angry, to the extent that I struggle to understand the world we live in, it’s that we still pump billions and billions of dollars into propping up the fossil fuel industry. Fossil fuel subsidies can take many different forms but, put simply, they include any government action […]

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Rio+20 UN Conference on Sustainable Development Latest from Rio

Rio: long days, late nights, hot potatoes ahead

My long trip to Rio for the UN Conference on Sustainable Development (aka the ‘Earth Summit’ 2012) doesn’t seem so bad compared to what some of my American colleagues have gone through. They were supposed to be here on Thursday but through a series of cancellations and mishaps, they got stuck in Sao Paulo trying to complete […]

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