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Food Security: From individual to collective action

Food security is a much discussed and misunderstood subject. It is complex. It is local, national, regional and global. It will be different depending on who or what you are, be it a smallholder in the sub-Saharan Africa or one in the UK, now labelled as  a “hobby farmer”. A multinational chain has a different […]

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Soya Beans © WWF From the field

Hungry for change? Saving the Cerrado savannah, one bacon butty at a time…

I recently went to Brazil to visit the soya-growing region of the Cerrado – which is more closely connected to all of us than we might think… Like most people, I hadn’t heard of the vast tropical savannah area known as the Cerrado before. Located in the heart of Brazil and spanning an area the […]

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Cassio Franco Moreira, WWF Brazil, in the field © WWF Guest blog

Soya on the table – inside the RTRS

Today’s guest blogger, on the subject of soya/soy, is Cassio Franco Moreira (PhD Agroecology), who is head of WWF Brazil’s agriculture and environment programme, and represents WWF on the RTRS – Round Table on Responsible Soy. “It’s fair to say I know quite a bit about certification schemes for agriculture. I have a small family-run organic coffee […]

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