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Duncan Mizen - WWF Blog Manager

Five for Friday – A summary of 5 blogs from the past month

Hello blog readers, If I haven’t already introduced myself, I’m Duncan and I’m responsible for the majority of the content that goes on your blog every week. That’s not to say that I write it all, not by a long stretch – we have many expert members of the wider WWF team who are more […]

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Seized poacher's weapons and poached ivory. Copyright: James Morgan. Illegal Wildlife trade

All eyes on London in the fight against illegal wildlife trade

On 12 and 13 February the London Conference on Illegal Wildlife Trade will seek to inject a new level of political momentum into global efforts to tackle the illegal wildlife trade. I’ve been working alongside colleagues from TRAFFIC (the joint wildlife trade programme of WWF and the International Union for Conservation of Nature – IUCN) […]

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An African elephant, Botswana. gallery

A year in focus: 12 inspiring images and WWF’s work in 2013

As WWF-UK’s picture editor, I’m constantly reminded how wonderful our world is. From a hard-won image of a rare Amur tiger to a touching insight into gorilla behaviour, the following images show why our work has never been more vital. For the February issue of WWF’s members’ magazine Action, I was asked to select 12 […]

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Deborah Meaden holding illegal tiger skin seized at Heathrow airport

Is now the time to legalise the international trade in tiger, rhinos and elephant parts?

Is now the time to legalise the international trade in tiger, rhino and elephant parts? It doesn’t feel like it to me, but what are the facts? Only 3,200 tigers left in the wild, less than 25,000 rhinos in Africa, far fewer in Asia, and an estimated 500,000 African elephants – but losing maybe 2,500 […]

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