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Women actively participate in tree growing for conservation and income generation. From the field

Fight to save sacred forest goes on – and ‘village bank’ expands

Greetings from Kwale, people of Wales! It is my sincere hope that you have continued to enjoy these updates through which we communicate the results and impacts of your much appreciated support. During the month of August, we have continued to achieve our mission, which would otherwise have not been realised without your support. The […]

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WWF Cymru head Anne Meikle and WWF-UK ambassador Jonathon Porritt Here in the UK

Why Green Government isn’t dead

Despite the gloomy failures of Rio+20 and David Cameron’s empty ‘greenest government ever’ promise, it’s good that some parts of the UK can still come up with an enlightened approach. At the moment it’s Wales that provides a bright light in these gloomy times. In Cardiff the devolved administration, led by First Minister Carwyn Jones, […]

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