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The old way of cooking (L) compared to the new stoves being installed (R) climate change

How new cooking stoves are helping Kenya protect its threatened forests

Last Month, WWF led the world in marking the Earth Hour; the world’s biggest environmental event, organized in all continents to create understanding on the issues facing the planet and inspiring people to live more sustainably. While the world was marking the event, here in at WWF in Kwale, Kenya, we were busy putting this […]

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Gorilla print on paper © Jacinta Sullivan

Hung up on mountain gorillas

Project Hangup was founded in 2010 by designer and illustrator Jacinta Sullivan to create beautiful, considered pieces of art and design that promote care for our environment. Jacinta and Project Hangup work as an advocate for endangered species, aiming to inspire the creative industries to actively consider more innovative, sustainable products and production methods. You […]

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Chopped down Boreal forest near a tar sands mine, Alberta, Canada © GWI / WWF-Canon climate change

Ashley Cooper: 7 images depicting climate change

Photographer Ashley Cooper has spent more than a decade documenting the impacts of climate change. Here, he shares some of his most memorable images, and tells me his thoughts about the problems – and solutions. Tell us what you’ve learned about the planet on your travels I have photographed the impacts of climate change on […]

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An FSC sawmill

Cornwall council gets silver for sustainable timber

Cornwall council recently earned their WWF silver pledge by monitoring three of their key sustainable timber projects. David Morgan from Cornwall council outlines the process they went through… “We’ve purchased sustainable timber for most, if not all, of our projects for the last four years, since we became a unitary authority. For our silver pledge, […]

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Amazon forest from the air

Help your local councils help forests – your voice really counts

WWF’s local authority timber pledge campaign is really galvanising interest among councils up and down the UK! As we speak, 82 local authorities have made over 108 pledges between them, and I’m in contact with many more who expect to pledge before the campaign ends. Take a look at the list of who has pledged […]

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Logs that have been harvested according to FSC standards.

Falkirk council’s silver pledge journey

Falkirk council in central Scotland recently took our Silver Pledge to show their commitment to buying and using sustainable timber and paper products. (Is your council doing the same? Ask them to take the pledge.) James King from Falkirk council outlines the process they went through… “For our Silver Pledge we chose to focus on […]

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FSC logs from Mexico

Wood you believe it?

If I was to held up two pieces of wood in front of you, could you tell me which one came from a responsibly managed forest, and which was logged illegally? Of course you couldn’t – and neither could I for that matter! That’s the problem many people – and indeed local authorities – face […]

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Photo of a sun sets over FSC certified logs in Cameroon

What wood should councils use?

Our campaigning has got local governments to make a real difference for forests around the world through their buying choices. In 2010 we launched our What Wood You Choose? campaign with WWF-Germany. The aim was to raise awareness of the economic, social, and environmental consequences of buying illegal and unsustainable timber and wood. We highlighted […]

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