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What do school children want for the future of Wales? Be inspired.


As Mondays go, I’ve had one of my most inspiring!

I’ve been in the company of the Eco School Council at Llangewydd Junior School in Bridgend who have been sharing their wishes for the planet’s future with the Welsh Government minister Jeff Cuthbert.

I listened in as the pupils spoke to the minister about the ‘National Conversation’ on the future of Wales.

Since I left the school on Friday, each pupil (that’s 400 in total) have written a wish for the planet – see our photos on Facebook. And amazingly the school has transformed the back of their hall into a huge montage of beautifully decorated stars on animal shaped constellations.

The school is supporting WWF’s Earth Hour which takes place on Saturday, 29th March and pupils presented their ‘Earth Hour’ wishes with the minister which covered topics such as safe cycling, protecting forests, reducing pollution and protecting endangered species (this echoes our #welshwish initiative which you can join by clicking here).

The pupils quizzed him on the role of the National Assembly for Wales, his job as the Minister for Communities and Tackling Poverty and whether he enjoyed the role, which he responded with a definite yes.

He explained that he’ s leading the Welsh Government’s ‘National Conversation’ on the future of Wales and encouraged the children to get involved in the process.

Food for thought – some of the 400 wishes the pupils have written on stars.

The headteacher, Mrs Davies, said that the school runs annual elections which includes pupils forming political parties, each with its own manifesto! She suggested that the parties could consider including the Future Generations Bill in their manifestos.

In fact, I think political parties’ manifestos would include many more commitments to protecting the environment for future generations if they were prepared by these pupils!

Well done Llangewydd Junior School…can I spend more Monday mornings with you please?

If you could share your wish for our planet’s future with the minister, what would it be? Share your wish in the comments below!

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