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This Earth Hour, help Wales to lead as a sustainable country


I’m sure you’ve heard of WWF’s Earth Hour by now.

It’s a global celebration of our brilliant planet – and every year millions of people around the world switch off their lights to show their support for a brighter future.

In Wales, as in other countries, famous buildings go dark – from Sydney Harbour Bridge to Caernarfon Castle.

But this year there’s a special campaign – #welshwish – because of the opportunity we now have for Wales to lead as a sustainable nation.

Have you made your #welshwish yet?

It’s amazing to think we’d need more than two planets if everyone in the world lived as we do in Wales.

We’re using the earth’s resources too quickly. If we want to make sure people and nature have a good future we need to change how we live.

So it’s fortunate that Welsh Government is introducing a new law that could help.

If the Future Generations Bill is successful, Wales could lead as a sustainable country – a ‘One Planet Nation’ – which uses its fair share of the earth’s resources.

So it’s important that as part of Earth Hour this year, we show our support for a sustainable Wales.

The #welshwish website – add your face to our galaxy of stars

We decided to set up a special website: www.wwf.org.uk/welshwish – to make it easy to express your support.

Simply visit the Welsh Wish site, choose one of the three wishes (on forests, seas or climate change) and share it with your friends on Twitter or Facebook. By taking part we’ll send a message to the rest of Wales and the world that we want a bright future for our children and grandchildren.

You can also find out more about the Future Generations Bill by taking part in the National Conversation on the future of Wales.

What do you think about #welshwish? Let us know in the comments below.

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