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Postcards from Paris: A diary from the UN climate talks (Day 9)


I’m in Paris for the UN climate talks, which run from 30 November to 11 December 2015. I’ll be regularly tweeting and blogging. If you find this blog interesting please feel to share it.


DAY 9 (Tuesday 8 December 2015)

The day opened and closed with a coalition of civil society organistions, including WWF, expressing their growing concern that the final agreement in Paris will be missing several key elements of what would make a strong deal.

Campaigners press countries to raise their ambition on climate (Chris Chaplin/WWF)Campaigners press countries to raise their ambition on climate (Chris Chaplin/WWF)

Tomorrow (Wednesday) the French COP Presidency plans to produce a cleaned up text with fewer bracketed options for further negotiations. We will all finally get a sense of the direction these talks are heading towards.

However, from speaking with country delegations and the public comments made by others here at the talks, it looks like there’s real danger of an agreement in Paris that fails to include a pre-2020 review of existing national pledges, alongside any plans to increase the ambition of those pledges.

If this were the outcome, then without some new initiatives by countries after these talks, we could be locked into the current insufficient pledges for the next 10 to 15 years. This in turn could put us on a path towards 3°C of warming.

Throughout the day, the question we put to ministers via their delegations and through the media was: “Do you support a review of existing national pledges before 2020 that creates the opportunity to enhance the ambition of current contributions, both for emission reductions and finance?”

WWF joins campaigners at Paris climate talks. (Mariana Panuncio/WWF)WWF joins campaigners at Paris climate talks. (Mariana Panuncio/WWF)

If we’re going to follow the science, we need Governments to support a transparent and inclusive review process based on equity and fairness in the next years, ideally 2018, and before the new agreement enters into force in 2020, to increase ambition levels on all areas.

There are only a few days left to secure agreement on this critical element. We need countries to come forward and champion this as a matter of urgency.


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