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Animals get in on the ‘selfie’ action

    Lion cub playing on the groundThis playful lion cub isn’t afraid of the camera Lions in the MaraThis lioness in the Mara seems to have been photo-bombed Rhino emerging from the jungleRhino emerging from the jungle Up-close and personal with this Orang-utanUp-close and personal with this Orang-utan Up-close with elephantsUp-close with elephants Snow leopard sleepingThis snow leopard is caught snoozing on camera Lion getting close to the cameraThis curious lion really isn’t afraid of the camera Polar bearsThis tired couple have a little rest in front of the camera Lion fishThis lion fish proves that it’s not just mammals that can take a good photo.

    Lion cub hiding behind a rock

    Elephants' bums

    To celebrate the Oxford English Dictionary naming “selfie” as the word of 2013 we’re showing that it’s not just us humans who can get in on the action.

    As our gallery prove,s animals around the globe – including lions, leopards, rhinos and even fish – aren’t afraid to get up close and personal with the camera in the quest of a great “selfie” photo.

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