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Attenborough’s Ark – and what nature means for all of us


Nature is the basis of everybody’s well-being. To quote David Attenborough on this 60th anniversary celebration of his incredible career: “A happy ecosystem is the basis for a happy human being. If it goes wrong, everything goes wrong.”

Sir David AttenboroughSir David Attenborough is one of WWF-UK’s council of ambassadors. © WWF-UK

And that means we need to protect the future of a whole range of species and places. Not only for the well-being of people, but also simply because the magic of nature deserves to be protected.

For Friday night’s BBC2 special ‘Attenborough’s Ark’, David has chosen 10 of the many endangered animals from around the world that he’d most like to save from extinction.

Each one of these animals is totally amazing in its own very special and distinct way. Each has its own story to tell about how they link into the web of life that makes our planet tick – and a sadder story to tell about how they’re threatened today with extinction because of human activity of one sort or another.

At WWF we’ve chosen our own ‘ark’ of priority species to protect because of their importance to ecosystems and to the thousands of other species who depend on them and their habitat.

David’s own choice must have been very tough to make, given there are more than 1.3 million species identified so far on Earth. And every one of them is linked in one way or another to other species and to the health of the planet. Watch ‘Attenborough’s Ark’ to see what he’s chosen and why.

Perhaps more than anyone else on this planet today, David Attenborough has brought alive how important it is to protect a whole range of species and places – and has shown us the beauty and complexity of the amazing world we live in, and the absolutely critical relationship between its continued well-being and our own.

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