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Five for Friday – A summary of 5 blogs from the past month


Hello blog readers,

If I haven’t already introduced myself, I’m Duncan and I’m responsible for the majority of the content that goes on your blog every week. That’s not to say that I write it all, not by a long stretch – we have many expert members of the wider WWF team who are more able to tell you about new species of dolphin, knitting pandas, rivers and much more. My job is to make sure the content we are posting on the blog is engaging, interesting, and above all what you want to read.

I realise I’m putting myself on the line here, but as the blog manager it’s very important to me to learn more about why you come to our watering hole (that’s the blog site) to take a long cool drink (that’s the blogs you read).

Since I joined the organisation back in October 2013, I’ve been beavering away (pardon the animal-related puns) trying to make the blog as great as possible so that we can entice you all back for more. So naturally, I’m very interested to know your thoughts, so please leave me a comment on this blog post. I can’t promise I’ll be able to make all of your blog dreams come true, but I will certainly do my best. All I ask for in return is your honesty about how you feel about the blog and it’s content and your sincerity – only realistic and no silly requests now people! Then hopefully together we can make the blog site even more of a success online.

As a starter for many, I’ve decided to call my blogs Five for Friday, as what I intend to do is summarise five blogs of my choice from the past month, as well as looking ahead to five coming up in the next month. That way if you’ve missed any, you’ll be able to catch up and you’ll also know what’s in store for the next month on the blog too.

So without further a waffle – and in no particular order – I give you my five blogs from January:

What’s been happening

An African elephant, Botswana.© Naturepl.com / Tony Heald / WWF-Canon

A year in focus – 12 inspiring images and WWF’s work in 2013

At the beginning of the year Kate Foreshew (photo and film team) put together a collection of fabulous images from the past year, highlighting some of the struggles that certain species have in order to survive in the wild. These included some stunning shots taken by some of the best wildlife photographers in the business, such as award winning photojournalist James Morgan (shortlisted for Wildlife Photography of the Year Photojournalism Award 2013). The gallery shows 12 high quality images with a little write up about each of the photos and their meaning.

Katie CrossleyKatie Crossley

You can’t finish if you never start

That short period just after Christmas (if you celebrate Christmas that is) can be a tough one – you’re broke from the festivities and presents, you don’t get paid for another five weeks, and you’re full of food and feeling like a trip to the gym is a long way away. To top it off, you’ve got the winter blues. But there’s always something inspiring and heart warming to put a smile on your face and a spring in your step. Katie Crossley – one of our supporters who’s running the Brighton Marathon this year – tells her sad but inspiring story and her motivation behind signing up to run for WWF.

Becky and her team on the River Nar, Sidcup, KentBecky and her team on the River Nar, Sidcup, Kent

My River, My Amazon

On a cold December day, Becky Kinge and her colleagues in the corporate communications team embarked on a wet and wild trip to the river Cray in Kent. Although it was a good exercise for team building, this wasn’t the focus of the trip. Becky and her team were there to help restore river habitats and promote sustainable water management – and they were joined by their corporate partner Coca-Cola Enterprises to help out. However, they did manage to put together a great video of the day’s activities.

A person in a panda costume knittingA person in a panda costume knitting

Can you knit a panda?

This was by far our most viewed and talked about post in January. Probably because Zoe Leader and the climate and energy team were asking people to knit animal scarves and we had the help of our own panda mascot to demonstrate! The more serious message in this blog post though was to address the issue that 1 in 5 people in the UK live in homes that are unhealthily cold because they simply cannot afford to heat them. That’s why we asked you to knit a scarf to send to MP’s to tell them how serious we are about energy efficiency and keeping people warm and –  ultimately – alive.

Seized poacher's weapons and poached ivorySeized poacher’s weapons and poached ivory

All eyes on London in the fight against illegal wildlife trade 

This post comes with such a strong message – what with the illegal wildlife London Conference coming up on 12 February. In this pre-conference blog post by Heather Sohl (our lead on the illegal wildlife trade), Heather answers a series of questions about the trade, talks about the aims of this years conference, and explains how you the reader can get in involved.

What’s coming up

Here’s a quick run down of what not to miss on the blog in February:

  • Let the games begin – Richard Whitty – one of our many amazing supporters – races out of the blocks with the first of a gym-full of blog posts out of a whole host of events he is undertaking this year in support of WWF. Join Richard on his journey through triathlons, marathons and ironmans.
  • Rhinos lend an ear in the fight to end wildlife crime – Greg Armfield (photo and film team) visited the Masai Mara recently to see some clever tips (or should I say chips in this instance – all will be revealed in the blog post) and tricks that are being deployed in the fight to end wildlife crime. You’ll also get to read about Greg’s acrobatics in the back of a Land Rover and a scarey night in a tent!
  • Tom Milliken from TRAFFIC answers our questions about the illegal wildlife trade, in particular, rhinos and elephants. Look out for his video blog during the week of the London Conference.
  • James Morgan’s illegal wildlife trade image gallery – similar to Kate Foreshew’s early January ‘A Year in Images’ blog post, award winning photojournalist James Morgan will be sharing some of his amazing images to highlight the growing issue of the illegal wildlife trade.
  • Marathon madness in minus 20 – WWF supporter Charlotte Waller talks about the start and finish to her amazing ice marathon in the Antarctic… brrrrr!

Thank you for reading, don’t forget to check out these great blog posts, and please do leave me your constructive feedback. Until next month.


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