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Why we love TradeMapperHackers


Saturday 8 November is now officially TradeMapperHacker day. The WWF, TRAFFIC and Aptivate team turned up at 9am to get set up, full of anticipation at what the day would bring.

The lure of coffee, food and free wifi, but more importantly a chance to help the fight against the illegal wildlife trade, brought keen developers, designers and creators to South London to help hack the TradeMapper better.

hackers hard at workHackers hard at work

We got warmed up with some fun exercises to get to know everyone, and then to score all of the ideas we’ve had to improve the TradeMapper tool. Then the real work began.

We had 26 ideas to work on, and got through about 10 of those, including four commits (changes) to the code. For the less technical reading this, that means four things that the TradeMapper could not do yesterday that it can do today! Despite my 15 odd years working on the web, doing that much work on a web tool in a day with a bunch of likeminded people was still a real buzz.

There’s a Storify of the day if you want to see what happened in more detail.

a new screen from TradeMapper showing some of the hacks from the daya new screen from TradeMapper showing some of the hacks from the day

Development of the open-source TradeMapper will not stop here. We hope that our new friends from the day will keep working on the tool, and that WWF and TRAFFIC will be able to develop it even further in future.

If you’re interested in getting involved, leave a comment here, tweet @wwf_uk @TRAFFIC_WLTrade @AptivateUK or me (@nearly_gone), or go straight to the GitHub code repository and get stuck in.

There are other related events happening soon too, so get involved in them as well:

ZSL’s ‘Hack the Redlist’ is on 15 November

London Climate Change Coders group on MeetUp

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