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Masai Mara rhino update: Day 3, Ngina the black rhino

Rotiken and ranger on patrol© Greg Armfield / WWF-Canon

Throughout this week we’ll be bringing you updates from the field, courtesy of Rotiken Denis – head of the Masai Mara Rhino Monitoring Team.

Read through all of the updates, or have a look at what happened yesterday.

Rhino: Ngnia and calf.

Sighting: The two rhinos were sighted browsing.

Details: None of the two rhino are notched but Ngina can be easily identified by the shape of the horn.

About the patrol: Two more rhinos were sighted during the day.

Other wildlife sighted: Baboons, elephant, eland, buffaloes, Thomson gazelle, impala, lion.

Ngina, African black Rhino browsing© Masai Mara Monitoring Team / WWF-UK Identification Sheet for black African Rhino Ngina© Masai Mara Monitoring Team / WWF-UK

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