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    All too often I get caught up in environmental campaigning and the actions we need to take to change hearts and minds. No bad thing for an environmental campaigner but it can mean I forget to look at and enjoy the things that inspired me to campaign in the first place.

    So it is a joy to see the best UK wildlife images from 2012 released today in the BWPA winners book. We’ve put some of the images in a Facebook gallery – have a browse during your lunch break, and Like it if you do.

    I’ll never know how the overall competition winner, Dr Matt Doggett, wasn’t skewered while taking the winning shot: Gannet Jacuzzi! But I agree with WWF’s very own Greg Armfield in his judging notes when he says it is “beautiful and evocative shot” showing “the raw power and grace of the diving gannets”.

    However being an advocate for our hidden wildlife – you know the stuff around us every day that we usually don’t notice – my favourite is Dale Sutton’s image ‘Leap for Freedom’ .

    The slideshow at the top of the page is a collection of some amateur images I took on a walk at Thursley Common National Nature Reserve. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did taking them!

    Common lizard

    Four-spotted chaser dragonfly

    Keeled skimmer dragonflies in tandem on the boardwalk

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