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John Bett, WWF-Kenya, Project ManagerJohn Bett, WWF-Kenya, Project Manager

My name is John Bett. I work with WWF-Kenya as a project manager for Boni Dodori Sustainable Forest Management project. My work mainly entails working closely with communities living adjacent to the forest and other organizations and government agencies operating in the area. Our project aims to ensure the sustainable conservation of the forest landscape covered by Boni and Dodori national reserves and the Lungi and Boni Forest on the north coast of Kenya with the financial support from Size of Wales, WWF UK and Darwin Initiative. These open canopy forests harbour many important species and are equally significant to local livelihoods. At the same time the project support the empowerment of the marginalized Aweer (Boni) community.   I coordinate all project activities and currently carrying out an in-depth inventory of the biodiversity of the national and forest reserves with the aim of understanding the reserves better and generating knowledge that can be used by local community, WWF and other agencies to better manage the natural resources within the ecosystem.

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Livestock on the banks of Lake Kenyatta, Lamu, Kenya © John Bett / WWF-Kenya Earth Hour

Efforts to halt the demise of Lake Kenyatta

Lake Kenyatta is one of the largest freshwater bodies in Lamu County, on the north Kenyan coast. It supplies water to an estimated 60,000 people as well as being a critical water source for wildlife and livestock. But the lake is under threat, and those threats are growing. When visiting Lake Kenyatta you can’t miss […]

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This area of Kenya is an important habitat corridor for elephants © Martin Harvey / WWF Coastal Kenya Programme

How WWF’s work in Kenya is tackling the illegal wildlife trade

Ndera Community Conservancy has helped the local community identify and nurture a close connection with the wildlife that they share space with, and created a commitment to the conservation of this wildlife and its habitat. And we’re helping to make sure this positivity continues! In my last blog I talked about the growing support that […]

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