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Victor Anderson bio picVictor Anderson – economy team:

Ever since I did Economics at school, I’ve always thought there was something wrong with the way economists talk about things – even though I’ve now become one of them myself! What I’m interested in is trying to understand and communicate how the economy really works, making use of some of the ideas of economics but also having a critical perspective.

How economies work basically rules the world, and so I think it’s pretty essential to think about the implications of that if we’re going to be able to stop and reverse the forces undermining both the natural world and also the lives and livelihoods of the people who depend on it – which is all of us.

I have worked in Whitehall, the House of Commons, and even spent three years as an elected politician myself. All that is a help to me in trying to interpret what is really going on in politics as well as economics.

My latest posts

The oil rich bitumen sands at the Shell Albian Sands mining operation in Alberta, Canada

Growth at all costs?

There is a big political push at the moment for “growth”. Rejuvenated after watching the Olympics and sitting on beaches, politicians have returned to Westminster at the start of September determined to do something about the UK’s stubbornly stagnant GDP figures, the statistic which is used to measure the rate of economic growth. If we […]

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Compromising situations? Let’s say ‘I do’ at Rio

International conferences always end up in compromise – that’s inevitable. The Rio+20 conference is no exception. The problem here is the type of compromise. Good compromises involve all sides giving something, and all sides getting something in return. At Rio there is an obvious deal that ought to have been done. Countries with rapidly growing […]

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Christ the Redeemer and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil © WWF Brazil / Adriana Lorete / WWF-Canon

How much is the world worth?

In the run-up to Rio+20 there was a lot of talk about ‘natural capital’ – the economic value of the natural world in terms of money. But it doesn’t appear anywhere in the text of the document that’s coming out of the Rio conference. So what’s happened? The case for ‘natural capital’ is clear. While […]

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