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London cityscape - old and new © Getty Images Greener Budget

A missed opportunity for the economy and the environment

“The long-term economic plan is working”, the Chancellor claimed today in delivering the 2015 Budget – and it did include at least some good news for those who care about a more sustainable, resilient economy. Funding to explore the feasibility of Swansea’s new tidal lagoon is a welcome move that suggests some recognition that clean […]

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The Houses of Parliament, viewed from the South Bank of the River Thames, London, UK © Global Warming Images / WWF / Ashley Cooper Greener Budget

Sustaining prosperity in a changing world

This year’s budget (18 March) will be one of the last big actions of the Coalition Government. Will the Chancellor take bold steps to enhance long-term economic security by safeguarding the environment and accelerating low-carbon innovation? Or will it be a damp pre-election squib? At WWF-UK, we hope it is the former. Last week we […]

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View of the Semliki River, Lake Edward and the Tshiabirimu Mountain Virunga campaign

Valuing Virunga – without oil

The world’s insatiable demand for oil is leading to exploration in places that were once considered ‘off-limits’ – some of the world’s most special, important and fragile places. Places like the Arctic, and indeed Virunga National Park in Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Virunga is a jewel in the crown of Africa’s natural heritage. […]

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