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Olympics on track to be greenest yet – but it’s not all good news

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So will London 2012 move us closer to a greener, more sustainable Olympics – an event that respects the ecological limits of our one and only planet?

The London 2012 Olympic stadium © jeffowenphotosThe London 2012 stadiums have helped set the bar high, but much more could have been done. © jeffowenphotos

Will it hit the sustainability standards we helped set for it? See what we think and then have your say.

The scorecard report that WWF and Bioregional have released today, with 10 days to go to the start of the 2012 Olympics, gives our view on just how green the London Games will be.

London 2012 has indeed succeeded in being the most sustainable games yet, but there have also been significant failures.

To pick a couple of good and bad examples:

  • the use of ‘carbon footprinting’ as a strategic tool was exemplary
  • but the failure to build a significant and visible renewable energy source was not so impressive

So we’re pleased that London 2012 is the Olympics that sets a new sustainability standard for future Games – we just wish it had been able to push sustainability a little faster, a bit higher and with an even stronger focus on changes beyond the Olympic Park.

Inside the London 2012 Olympic StadiumInside the London 2012 Olympic Stadium © jeffowenphotos

We’ve set up an online social network so you can post your views on London 2012’s performance and whether you agree with our assessment.

We’ve been involved since 2004, when we worked with BioRegional and London 2012 to write the original sustainability strategy, Towards a One Planet Olympics. Today’s report provides a snapshot of progress on the eve of the Games, examining the 76 promises made then and rating them according to whether they have been met.

We later plan to publish a fuller review of London 2012’s sustainability performance once the Games have finished, and will include examples, opinions and quotes that are posted on the site to paint a comprehensive picture of what worked and what didn’t.

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